Kotex Free 7 Pcs of Kotex Fesh Liners Longer and Wider Daun Sirih Sample Giveaway

Daun Sirih has been used traditionally for 
generations to maintain cleanliness and fresh
 odor during that time of the month. 

Kotex Fresh Liners are breathable and 
absorbent for everyday dryness to 
help you stay #HariHariFresh

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NESCAFÉ® Mountain Wash Free sample Giveaway

NESCAFÉ® Mountain Wash is Malaysia's first 
and only decaf coffee that is 100% natural 
decaffeinated with pure, natural water 
to remove caffeine. 

Inspired by Vietnamese traditions, this
 unique process preserves the bean's true
 nature, maintaining its strength, variety 
and richness in aroma. 

 Want to try our natural decaf coffee? 

Send them an email with your name,
 address and phone number 
to receive a free sample.