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Libresse Take Quiz & Win Prizes & Get FREE SAMPLE

Be proud of your inner Pre-Menstrual Soul.

Do you know there are different
 types of PMS? You can be [P]retty, 
 [M]agnificent and [S]ophisticated 
one day or turn into your 
[P]anicky [M]oody [S]elf the next. 

Discover all about PMS 
and the type of PMS you are and
10 lucky women and 5 lucky men will
stand a chance to win a prize.

Not only that you can redeem Libresse 
sample pack fro free 
under Pad-O-Gram menu.

Libresse: Play Tea Odor Control Game and Win Prizes

Have no mercy on the odor monsters!


Zap away the odor monsters
with the help of Green Tea in
the Libresse PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control
interactive game, and you
stand to win a cool prizes.


Choose the prizes between a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet,
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, DKNY watch,
travel voucher worth RM1,500 or
a Senheng voucher worth RM1,500.


 Click here for details 

Libresse: Free Pure Fresh Green Tea Pads & Liners Samples Giveaway

Libresse has a brand new range 
of scented pads.

The Libresse PureFresh Green Tea 
pads and liners absorb your 
odor in while releasing the refreshing 
scent of green tea. 

Just fill up the sample request form here 
to try them today.

**Remember to tick 'PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control' 
to try the scented pads.

Win Exciting Prizes with Libresse


What's In Your Drawer? Libresse wants to find out.

Show Libresse the contents of 
your drawers to win exciting prizes - 
and the best part is you can choose 
your own awesome prize! 

Or Go Quiz Crazy and score yourself 
free KFC vouchers.