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Kotex Free 7 Pcs of Kotex Fesh Liners Longer and Wider Daun Sirih Sample Giveaway

Daun Sirih has been used traditionally for 
generations to maintain cleanliness and fresh
 odor during that time of the month. 

Kotex Fresh Liners are breathable and 
absorbent for everyday dryness to 
help you stay #HariHariFresh

Kotex Free Odor Care Sample Giveaway

Enriched with natural ingredients made 
from essential oils, Kotex Odor Care 
is here to help you stay odor-free & 
worry-free all day long.

Kotex Join PassTheProtection & Get Free Sample

Sisters, let’s come together for a good cause. 

Protect a friend by passing on a useful tip, 
especially for those about to experience
 her crucial first moments.

Kotex: Perodua Myvi & iPhone 4S Giveaway

Tentukan saat-saat kegemaran anda 
yang mewakili “Keyakinan Wanita”,
 kemudian jawab soalan mudah
 tentang Kotex dan anda sudah selesai.

Hadiah berjumlah RM 130,000 sedang
 menunggu anda; termasuklah sebuah 
kereta Perodua Myvi dan iPhone 4S. 

Kotex: Win Makeover worth USD 1,000 & Exclusive Kotex Merchandises

Don’t compromise anymore!

The Kotex End Your Compromises Photo Contest
gives you the freedom to show your
‘Before’ and ‘After’ situations 
in your own photos.
So get creative and use their 
awesome photo filters too!
Your compromising situation could
just win you a full makeover worth USD 1,000
and exclusive Kotex merchandises!

Kotex: Free Kotex Proactive Guards Sample

Find out what kind of comprimiser 
you are by taking Kotex quiz.

You will get Kotex Proactive Guards sample 
for free at the end of the quiz by 
simply fill in your 
particulars and contact details.

Kotex will deliver your sample to your doorstep.

Click here to take the quiz


Print this coupon and present it at 
any selected retailer to enjoy RM1 discount 
when you purchase 

Free Kotex Fresh Plus Liners

Get free Kotex New Fresh Plus Liners samples
delivered to your doorstep.

Click here to register.