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Libresse Take Quiz & Win Prizes & Get FREE SAMPLE

Be proud of your inner Pre-Menstrual Soul.

Do you know there are different
 types of PMS? You can be [P]retty, 
 [M]agnificent and [S]ophisticated 
one day or turn into your 
[P]anicky [M]oody [S]elf the next. 

Discover all about PMS 
and the type of PMS you are and
10 lucky women and 5 lucky men will
stand a chance to win a prize.

Not only that you can redeem Libresse 
sample pack fro free 
under Pad-O-Gram menu.

Laurier FREE Super Slimguard Sample Giveaway

Put your fingers together cause 
that's how thin Laurier Super Slimguard is. 

This breakthrough technology from 
Japan brings you the first ever 1mm thin
 pad that guarantees 2x faster absorption, 
so you'll feel 5x drier. 

Sofy: Free Sofy Comfort Nite Sample Giveaway

Sofy Comfort Nite napkins come 
with the NEW Butterfly Hip Guard to
 give you full back protection even 
on your heaviest nights.

It’s anti-back leakage at its best, so you 
can sleep tight till morning.

Receive a sample of our Sofy 
Comfort Nite napkin, now with the
NEW Butterfly Hip Guard 
for added protection.

Click here to register

Free Lactacyd Teens Sample Giveaway

Lactacydare happy to present you their 
latest product - Lactacyd Teens 
which is formulated to fit 
your specific needs.

Yesh, it’s your own dedicated V wash 
with TRIPLE protection against odor, 
discomfort and stickiness. 

Lactacyd: Free Revitalize 60ml Giveaway


Lactacyd Cool & Fresh puts an end to the
 discomfort with natural menthol essences. 
Wanna be the first to get this awesome 
feminine product for FREE? 

Kotex: Free Sample Pack Giveaway

Trying is believing. Don't miss this chance 
to try out the new and improved 
Kotex Maxi and enjoy superior protection 
from Kotex Overnight Wing with Pro-Active Guards 
while also try Kotex Longer & Wider Daun Sirih Liner. 

Kotex Sample Pack contains
- 1 piece Kotex Maxi Wing 24cm
- 1 Piece Kotex Overnight with ProActive Guards Wing 32cm
- 1 Piece Kotex Fresh Liner Fresh Longer & Daun Sirih 

Kotex: Soft & Smooth Overnight Free Sample Giveaway

The new Kotex® Soft & Smooth Range
now comes with Rapid Absorb Core that 
helps absorb sudden gushes for 
 exceptional protection. 

Only the best pads can handle your heaviest 
flow in any situation.

Kotex: Free Kotex Liner Sample Giveaway

Kotex is giving away Kotex Liner sample for free.

All you have to do is fill in your details and
 they will deliver the sample 
for you within 10 days.

*Scroll down the webpage until you see the 
form to fill in for sample redemption.

Kotex: Free Kotex Luxe Ultrathin® Pad Giveaway

Get on the FAB lane and amp up your game 
with the new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin® pad. 

It’s time to set your sexiness free 
all thanks to it's cottony soft 
and extra dry features. 

Get your sample by filling up your 
details in the form given.

Kaolaurier: Free Laurier Night Safe Sample Giveaway

Hey Laurier Sparklers! 

Put your hands together for our 
New Night Safe with the Latest Surface Technology!

Redeem a sample pack today by 
registering your details.

Lactacyd: Free Lactacyd Samples Giveaway

Lactacyd gives you the confidence 
 you need to become the bold woman 
you ought to be. 

But are you bold enough to take on 
 some of your boldest fantasies in life? 

 You may just be lucky enough to 
those dreams come true by taking on 
the Lactacyd “Bold pHantasies” Challenge.

Not only that you will also be given a free sample 
for try when you register.

Kotex: Ultrathin Liners Daun Sirih Sample Giveaway

Join Kotex 1 Minute Time-Out now 
and feels the different for a 
better V-Zone protection. 

You also stand a chance to win RM10,000* 
and an exclusive shopping trip 
with Nad Zainal & Siti Saleha.

Not only that, you will get to try Kotex new 
Ultrathin Liners Daun Sirih  as well.

Kotex: Free ProActive Guard Samples Giveaway

Kotex® ProActive Guards Technology 
ProActive Guards Technology is the latest revolutionary innovation from Kotex® brand.

Kotex® ProActive Guards are flat when worn first and are activated upon contact with fluid. Once activated the ProActive Guards rise gently and fit closer to the body, preventing leakage and ensuring a better more comfortable fit.
Now, Kotex is giving away ProActive Guard
 samples fro free.

All you need to do is simple fill in your details 
and they will deliver the 
samples within 4-6 weeks.

Kotex: Free Kotex New Fresh Plus Liners Giveaway

One minute is all you need to 
win RM 10,000 worth of prizes.
Life can get really hectic, but all it takes 
is one minute to reassess and take
 charge of your "V-zone" health. 

Do it with the Kotex® One Minute Time-Out 
Facebook app, and you stand to win 
RM 10,000 worth of prizes,
 including Coach handbags.

You'll even get a sample of 
the new Kotex Fresh Plus Liners.

Laurier: Free Laurier Perfect Comfort Sample Giveaway

Kini SEMUA Orang Yakin

Tahukah anda, 97% wanita yang telah 
mencuba Laurier Perfect Comfort amat 
yakin dengan kehebatannya - daya serap sehebat 
Maxi Biasa, tiada kebocoran, ultra nipis 
serta cepat dan senang dicuci. 

Daftarlah sekarang untuk menerima 
sampel Laurier Perfect Comfort.

Lactacyd: Free Lactacyd Feminine Wash Sample Giveaway

Sign up as Lactacyd VIP member and
receive Lactacyd sample delivering 
to your door step for free. 

About Lactacyd 
Lactacyd is the trusted daily partner for 
women who understand that feminine 
hygiene is essential to stay healthy and confident.
Lactacyd is the feminine hygiene specialist. 

Unlike brands that provide intimate 
hygiene care as a supplementary range 
to body or facial products, Lactacyd’s heritage
 is in dedicated intimate care.

Lactacyd truly understand the needs of 
women when it comes to intimate hygiene and 
provide products across the entire continuum 
giving you solutions to your everyday needs 
for freshness and comfort.

Become VIP member here

Elianto: Trade Your Old Hand Cream For A New One

Trade Your Old Hand Cream For A New One
If you want Happy hands, this is 
something you must check out! 

Anmum: Free 500g Packet of Anmum Essential

Redeem your Anmum Essential scoops 
with bar codes or receipts for a 
free 500g packet of Anmum Essential & 
you also stand a chance to win yourself a 
 LeapPad Explorer Pack worth RM871.

Laurier: Free Perfect Comfort Samples Giveaway

Laurier Perfect Sharing campaign is giving away
Free Laurier Perfect Comfort Samples. 

Date: 29th August – 17th September 2012 

How to redeem

1. Go to the Perfect Sharing Moments app here
2. Upload your photo. 
3. Select the badge design of your choice to be featured on your photo.
4. Register your particulars to receive your redemption voucher.
5.Print out the voucher from the 'Print Voucher' tab. 
6. Bring the voucher to the location that you have selected for redemption.

Terms & Conditions 
a) Voucher is valid for use to redeem Laurier Perfect Comfort sample pack at selected outlet within Malaysia only stated on the print out voucher.
b) Voucher is only valid for redemption from 22 - 23 September 2012 between 12pm - 6pm.
No replacement or extension will be given for any expired voucher.
c) Voucher are not exchangeable for cash and/or other goods and services.
d) Voucher are generally non-transferable.
e) One voucher is valid for one redemption only.
f) Voucher cannot be combined with any other offer/promotion.
g) Customer is required to present NRIC and a print version voucher when redeeming sample pack.