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Diapex: FREE Diapex Premium Sample Giveaway

DIAPEX Premium is specially designed 
for parents who are looking to provide 
the best for their love one. 

Diaper Premium is featured with 
5X Superior Absorbency that keep baby's 
skin fresh and dry.

 In addition, our Cottony Comfort 
Embossed Top Sheet and Breathable Cloth-like Cover 
aim to give baby a better comfort
especially during night times.

Anmum: Free Anmum Essential with Dates Sample Giveaway

Anmum™ Essential is now formulated 
with Real Dates. 

With Mind-Q Connect and Inulin. 
Support your child’s growth and development 
to help them achieve their full potential.

Snow Brand: Free Formula Milk for Kid or Mom Sample Giveaway

Snow Brand is giving away Megmilk Snow Brand 
products for free.

To receive a FREE sample, please complete 
the form below, indicate the product(s) you wish to try,
 then click SUBMIT.

Please provide your particulars in full
 to ensure mailing accuracy.

Incomplete or erroneous details will 
result in non-delivery of sample. 

Samples available while stocks last.

PetPet: Free PetPet Tape/Pants Sample Giveaway

A happy baby equals a happy mummy" – that’s 
PetPet's philosophy at PETPET®, and 
strengthened through their concept of Happy Comfort.

They strive to provide diapers that give 
your little ones maximum comfort so that 
you can enjoy the pleasures of motherhood.

Free Carrie Bac Buster Hair & Body Wash Sample Giveaway

Carrie is giving away Carrie Bac Buster 
 sample for free. 

Just answer a few question and complete your details, 
you can get CARRIE BAC BUSTER 
Hair & Bodywash Sample for FREE to your doorstep. 

Limited to 500 only! 

Terms & Conditions apply.

NANKID® OPTIPRO Free Thermos Black and White Food Jars worth RM299 with Purchase

You could redeem free
 Thermos Black and White Food Jars worth RM299! 

All you have to do is purchase NANKID® OPTIPRO® 
products worth RM500 during 
the redemption period of 30 March – 31 May 2017.

Chiaus FREE Chiaus Diaper Sample Giveaway

Chiaus is giving away Chiaus diaper for free. 

All you have to do is register your details 
and they will deliver to your doorstep for free.

Unilever Free Persil & Comfort Sample Giveaway

Front-loading washing machines require 
a different care than top-loading ones.

Introducing Persil, detergent that is specially
 formulated for front loader machines with its
low foam and superior clothes care formulation. 

This prevents excessive foam that damages 
your front load machine, and for more
 effective washing.

Comfort Ultra Pure is dermatologically-tested 
and specially formulated for delicate and 
sensitive skin, like your baby’s. 

Wrap your precious one now with the subtle 
care of Comfort Ultra Pure. 

Cetaphil Baby Skincare Free Sample Giveaway

New Cetaphil Baby Skincare is specially 
formulated for your baby’s delicate skin 
to promote soft, smooth skin and healthy hair. 

Dermatologically tested and paediatrician
 recommended, Cetaphil Baby has your baby 
covered from head to toe.

Nestle FREE CERELAC® Infant Cereals, LACTOKID, LACTOGEN & NAN® Grow Samples Giveaway

Raising a child is a journey that’s filled 
with rewarding moments. 

That’s why Nestle would like to join 
you in this walk of life. 

Let the Nestlé Junior Club bring your 
child good nutrition with Nestlé products, 
so that your child has that perfect 
start to growing up.

Nestle is giving away 4 types of Nestle product; 
CERELAC® Infant Cereals,
NAN® Grow samples for free. 

Buds Baby FREE Buds Product of Your Choice Giveaway

Buds Loyalty Programme has been finalised. 
Redemption period from now til December 2016.


How to get it?
1. Collect 8 Buds Organics product barcodes (from labels only).
2. Paste the 8 barcodes in the spaces provided below.
3. Choose 1 product from your barcode collection and they will send it to you for free! Simply complete the form below, seal this leaflet and post it back to them.

PLEASE NOTE: The following products are NOT allowed in this special offer: Eczema Rescue Kit, Eczema Mini Kit, Buds Everyday Organics Starter Kit, Buds Cherished Organics Starter Kit, Buds For Kids Gift Set and Buds for Kids Travel Set.

You may download the form and print it here or visit your regular store to get it(should be available by month end).

S-26: Free S26 Progress Gold or Promise Gold Sample Giveaway

are specially designed with  
 contains important nutrients. 
It is formulated with DHA, AA, Lutein, 
Oligofructose, Calcium and Protein 
to support your child in multiple 
areas of development.

Nestle FREE Cerelac SAMPLE Giveaway

CERELAC now brings Triple Goodness, 
the unique and delicious combination of yogurt, 
cereal and Bifidus BL
that supports your baby's healthy 
growth in three ways.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Open to parents with kids aged 6-12 months old.
  2. Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals sample redemption is limited to 5,000 requests only.
  3. Three (3) sachets of 25g Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals samples will be sent to registered mailing address. The variants depend on stock availability. 
  4. Nestlé CERELAC Infant cereal sample redemption is limited to ONE unit per household (address) only.

Reiscare FREE Reiscare Sample Giveaway

About Reiscare
For the brand Reiscare, it was founded by
 Nurture Care Co. Ltd. The origins of 
Nurture Care can be traced back to its
 parent company, Cho Heng Rice 
Vermicelli Factory Co. Ltd. that was 
established more than 75 years ago in Thailand.

 With it’s humble beginnings of 
manufacturing rice starch based products such as glutinous rice flour,rice flour and rice vermicelli, Cho Heng 
has now branched out into other industries
 such as cosmetics and packaged food.
Why Go Talc Free
Talc, the key ingredient in baby powder, 
is a naturally-occurring mineral that is found throughout the world. Talc is a soft mineral comprised of
 magnesium, silicon and oxygen. 

The substance is mined, crushed, dried, 
and milled for use in consumer products.

The substance is mined, crushed, dried,
 and milled for use in consumer products. 
Talc is used for a variety of household and industrial purposes ranging a food additive, an anti-caking agent,
 a lubricant, and an astringent. 

In the case of baby powder, talc is renowned
 for its ability to absorb moisture, reduce friction and prevent rashes. Talc-based products have been 
marketed to women for genital hygiene purposes as body powder and genital deodorant sprays. 

Talc particles may also enter the female 
reproductive system through tampons, sanitary pads and diaphragms that are dusted with baby powder. 

Talc particles that reach the ovaries 
can result in the growth of ovarian cancer cells.

With increasing awareness of the risks 
that talc based products brings to the consumers, some manufacturers have opted to use corn 
starch as a substitute for safety reasons.  

In terms granularity, rice starch granule is 
considerably finer than the talc powder granule.

 **Scroll down until the end of the page and fill in the form for free sample redemption.

Enfagrow: Free Exclusive Gift for First 2000 Registrants

Join the 2015 Brain Expo, presented by 
Enfagrow A+, happening on 
8-11 May 2015 at
 Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (Hall 1) 
and discover your child’s potential 
in the 4 key areas of development.

Admission is FREE. 

Pre-register now to redeem 
your exclusive gift* at the event.

Drypers: Free Magnetic Calendar Giveaway

With 2015 just around the corner, Drypers is  giving 
out free magnetic calendars with 
any Drypers purchase! 

Psst, the calendar shows some exciting 
Drypers dates to look out for, too!

Sustagen: Free Sustagen Milk Powder Sample Giveaway

Mums know that providing their children 
with the nourishment that they need is 
key to their optimal growth.

Try the new Sustagen, now with 
Opti-Nutri Blend™ to help provide 
your child with 100% Nourishment.

Wyeth: Free S-26 Milk Powder Range Sample Giveaway

Request for a sample now and let your 
little one experience the S-26® Wyeth benefits.

 Submit your details and we will contact 
you within 4-6 weeks to arrange for
the delivery of your sample.

Merries: Merries Diapers Free Sample Giveaway

Free samples of MERRIES Tape Diapers 
in Size NB & Size S, as well as 
MERRIES Pants Diapers in Size M 
are up for grabs.

Hurry, click the link below to 
redeem your sample today so your baby 
can experience MERRIES Diapers 
for free.

MamyPoko: Free Mamypoko Diapers Giveaway

 Let your baby experience the wonderful
 joy of diapering and ask for your 
FREE samples today.

Fill in the requested details below, 
specify the diaper type & size that 
best suit your baby, click save and 
the FREE samples will be sent 
to your doorstep.

Terms & Conditions 
  • Only one sample pack sent per child per household. Each sample pack contains one piece of product.
  • Each household with a valid address is applicable for a one-time sample request. Repeated addresses will not be entertained.
  • Repeated requests from the same household for the same child are allowed after a waiting period of 6 months.
  • Please allow up to 2 months for delivery.
  • A valid MyKad number is compulsory for proceeding with sample requests.
  • Sample requests are for legal residents of Malaysia only.
  • Sample requests with incomplete personal details will not be entertained.
  • Uni-Charm Corporation Sdn Bhd reserves its right to edit or cancel this programme with or without any prior notice and reason.