Bio Oil: Free Dry Skin Gel Sample Giveaway

Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is a 
new way to treat dry skin. 

Traditional dry skin products such as creams, 
lotions and body butters are made primarily 
from water– usually around 70%. 

This water evaporates when coming into 
contact with skin and is of no benefit to dry skin. 

Bio-Oil® has pioneered a way to replace 
this water with oil, thereby creating a product 
that is 100% active. 

In a clinical trial conducted, 
 100% of subjects showed significant 
improvement in their dry skin in 2 weeks.

Dugro: Durgro 3 Asli or Dugro Soy Free Sample Giveaway

Dugro® mengandungi kandungan DHA tertinggi*. 
DHA adalah komponen utama otak dan retina mata.

Dugro® juga mengandungi dengan Omega 3 
dan Omega 6. Omega 3 & Omega 6 adalah acid lemak penting yang tidak boleh dihasilkan oleh tubuh manusia. 

Milo: Free Milo Whole Grain Sample Giveaway

Introducing MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal, 
now with a new recipe and 25% extra cereal!

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Systema: Free Systema Advance Anti-plaque Toothpaste 25g Giveaway


 Take the SYSTEMA GUM HEALTH CHECK to help you understand the signs of gum disease.

After completing the survey, fill in your 
details and get your Systema Advance Anti-plaque 
Toothpaste 25g free sample for free.



Ellgy Plus: Cracked Heel Cream (10g) Free Sample Giveaway

Need a real solution for your cracked heel? 

Specially formulated to deal with dry, 
cracked heels, Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream 
is an intensive moisturizer that lasts 
longer with each application. 

Suitable for daily use against dry, 
cracked heels.

Follow simple steps below to redeem
1. LIKE Ellgy Plus Malaysia Facebook page
2. SUBMIT your details at
A FREE sample of Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream (10g) will be sent to your doorstep. 

Limited to 5000 units only!

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Miezuu Diapers: Free Diapers Sample Giveaway

Backed by 3 years' worth of research & development 
and based on real parents' experiences. 

Made to ease your journey through parenthood. 

8000 packs available within West Malaysia only. 
Offer valid while stocks last.

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