Baskin-Robbins RM3.10 Cash Voucher with min spend of RM10

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Baskin-Robbins is sharing the happiness 
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Libresse Free Green Tea Trial Pack Giveaway

 Libresse® pads with SecureFit™ and DFC 
works together to deliver all round fit 
and better absorption as it is uniquely 
designed based on womens' curves to 
keep your pad securely in place 
making sure that it is a Ngam Ngam Fit!

Beauty is more than skin deep, so why jaga muka sahaja? 

Jaga bawah juga daily with Libresse®'s V-Routine™;
 just 3 simple steps! Also, Libresse® CurveFit™ 
liners are specially designed to keep
 you comfortable all day with the right fit 
that stays in place every time.

Bifesta Cleaning Sheet Sample Giveaway


Removes makeup and dullness* to make your skin translucent and moisturized! * Dead skin cells

Two types of skin lotion-derived moisturizing/cleansing ingredients quickly "float" and wrap oil-based makeup,
as well as dullness-causing dead skin cells, while maintaining moisture.
Gently massage with Cleansing Wipes without rubbing: they easily and smoothly remove even the thickest eye makeup and foundation trapped in pores,
turning the skin translucent after each wipe.
A single sheet of Bifesta Cleansing Sheet
for everything from makeup removal to skin care!

Containing cleansing water with skin lotion-derived ingredients,
for everything from makeup removal to skin care! No need for rinsing.
Thorough makeup removal with just one sheet!

Large enough (150 mm x 200 mm or approx. 5.9 in. x 7.8 in.) for full-face coverage
Contains about 5.9 ml of cleansing water per sheet, soft and gentle on skin
Friction-reduced formula for skin

MamyPoko: Free MamyPoko Tape or Pants Diapers Giveaway

Let your baby experience the wonderful joy 
of diapering and ask for your FREE samples today! 

Fill in the requested details below, 
specify the diaper type & size that best suit 
your baby, click save and the FREE samples 
will be sent to your doorstep. 

Guardian: 50% on All Shampoo & Conditioner

Guardian is having 50% off ALL shampoo
 and conditioner brands! 

Stock up and grab them while this
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Not only that, purchase above RM80 and you
 will get this useful Phyliss LED Touch Screen Mirror! 


Promotion valid now till 21st January 2019.
*Terms and conditions apply
While stocks last

Diapex: FREE Diapex Premium Sample Giveaway

DIAPEX Premium is specially designed 
for parents who are looking to provide 
the best for their love one. 

Diaper Premium is featured with 
5X Superior Absorbency that keep baby's 
skin fresh and dry.

 In addition, our Cottony Comfort 
Embossed Top Sheet and Breathable Cloth-like Cover 
aim to give baby a better comfort
especially during night times.

Anmum: Free Anmum Essential with Dates Sample Giveaway

Anmum™ Essential is now formulated 
with Real Dates. 

With Mind-Q Connect and Inulin. 
Support your child’s growth and development 
to help them achieve their full potential.

Snow Brand: Free Formula Milk for Kid or Mom Sample Giveaway

Snow Brand is giving away Megmilk Snow Brand 
products for free.

To receive a FREE sample, please complete 
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Please provide your particulars in full
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Incomplete or erroneous details will 
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Samples available while stocks last.