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About Reiscare
For the brand Reiscare, it was founded by
 Nurture Care Co. Ltd. The origins of 
Nurture Care can be traced back to its
 parent company, Cho Heng Rice 
Vermicelli Factory Co. Ltd. that was 
established more than 75 years ago in Thailand.

 With it’s humble beginnings of 
manufacturing rice starch based products such as glutinous rice flour,rice flour and rice vermicelli, Cho Heng 
has now branched out into other industries
 such as cosmetics and packaged food.
Why Go Talc Free
Talc, the key ingredient in baby powder, 
is a naturally-occurring mineral that is found throughout the world. Talc is a soft mineral comprised of
 magnesium, silicon and oxygen. 

The substance is mined, crushed, dried, 
and milled for use in consumer products.

The substance is mined, crushed, dried,
 and milled for use in consumer products. 
Talc is used for a variety of household and industrial purposes ranging a food additive, an anti-caking agent,
 a lubricant, and an astringent. 

In the case of baby powder, talc is renowned
 for its ability to absorb moisture, reduce friction and prevent rashes. Talc-based products have been 
marketed to women for genital hygiene purposes as body powder and genital deodorant sprays. 

Talc particles may also enter the female 
reproductive system through tampons, sanitary pads and diaphragms that are dusted with baby powder. 

Talc particles that reach the ovaries 
can result in the growth of ovarian cancer cells.

With increasing awareness of the risks 
that talc based products brings to the consumers, some manufacturers have opted to use corn 
starch as a substitute for safety reasons.  

In terms granularity, rice starch granule is 
considerably finer than the talc powder granule.

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