1600 Pandas World Tour In Malaysia Route & Schedule

1600 Pandas MY’ which had traveled half the globe is now landed in Malaysia. The hype is expected to tour around Malay Peninsula, making stops at more than 15 locations. Each of these adorable panda shows funny yet authentic expression. Upon their first visit to Malaysia, they are on a special mission, to pass the important message from World Wide Fund for Nature - Malaysia
 (WWF - Malaysia) regarding the significance of environmental preservation to every corner of the country.
The number 1600 is exactly the amount of the wild pandas that existed in the woods during the time this campaign was launched back then. Hopefully with this ‘1600 Pandas’ exhibition lasting 1 month in Malaysia, public awareness would raise and people would spend more time knowing the ideas behind environmental preservation.

 Pandas, long live wildlife and the immaculate nature!
In this coming December, artist Paulo Grangeon with collaborate with Faster Advertising as organizer and AllRightReserved as consulting curator to bring these 1600 pandas to tour around over 15 iconic landmarks in Malaysia.
Then, they will go to Publika, Kuala Lumpur to support the conservation and sustainable development plus promote the message of coexistence between human and nature along with WWF - Malaysia as beneficiary organization.

Do you want to know how it feels when flocked by 1600 pandas? You can share the 1600 pandas footprints map to your friends and let’s trace their track together! 

根据1600熊猫大马游面子书详情,他们将会到大马多地方,以“快闪(Flash Mob)”方式和大马迷见面,首日即21日会在吉隆坡独立广场开始1600熊猫大马游,接下来会到布城, 安顺斜塔, 太平湖, 槟城张弼士, 马六甲红屋, 吉隆坡国家纪念碑等地方。

1600 Pandas Touring Route Schedule (1600熊猫大马游时间表)
  • 吉隆坡独立广场 Dataran Merdeka KL – 21 December 2014, 1pm – 2pm
  • Dataran Putrajaya – Will be updated
  • Batu Cave, Selangor – Will be updated
  • 安顺斜塔 (Menara Condong Teluk Intan, Perak) – Will be updated
  • 太平湖 (Taiping Lake, Perak) – Will be updated
  • 槟城张弼士 (Cheong Fatt Tze, Penang) – Will be updated
  • 马六甲红屋 (Red Square Malacca) – Will be updated
  • 吉隆坡国家纪念碑 (National Monument, Kuala Lumpur) – Will be updated
  • Publika – Will be updated