Friso: Exchange for ONE unit of Friso Gold (900g) for FREE

Bring ONE empty tin/ pack of 
formulated milk powder for children 
of other brands (600g & above) and 
Exchange for ONE unit of 
Friso Gold (900g) for FREE.

1. Only formulated milk powder for children above 1 year old of other brands (600g & above) are accepted in this exchange programme.
2. Any product of Dutch Lady ActivGold brand, Dutch Lady brand and Friso Gold brand are NOT accepted in this exchange programme.
3. Each person must show an original and valid MyKid card, of children between the ages of 1 to 7 years old (as of 1st October 2013), and will only be entitled to one (1) unit of Friso Gold Step 3 or Step 4 (900g), irrespective of the number of MyKid cards provided.
4. The exchange for one (1) pack of Friso Gold Step 3 or Step 4 (900g) product is subject to product availability.
5. This exchange programme is limited to eighty (80) units per day, from 12.00pm-3.00pm during the stipulated programme period. The exchange programme is only valid while stocks last.

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