Factory Outlet Store: F.O.S Clearance Event

What: F.O.S Clearance Event
Where: F.O.S, BE-008, Lower Floor, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall
When: 25 August - 16 September
Why: Unbelievable bargains as low as RM3 onwards.

Company Review 
F.O.S is an established clothing retail chain 
that specialises in imported stock lots and overruns. 

The inaugural opening of its outlet in 
Sunway Pyramid in 1997, during the infamous 
economic crisis in Malaysia, 
marked the birth of F.O.S.

Cancellation orders of stock provisions 
from international renowned brands unavailable 
locally are made available in F.O.S. 

They form a significant share of our merchandise, 
which are sold at only a fraction of the original retail price. 

F.O.S also carries its own in-house 
development brands which complements 
the stocklots and provides a much 
welcome variety to the merchandise 
available at F.O.S.