1st Avenue: Free Earth Hour T-Shirt

1st Avenue is calling all Earth lovers 
to save our ailing Mother Earth together.

Let’s gather together to raise 
the awareness of Earth Hour by 
completing the full picture of 
their Giant Puzzle Game and also 
don’t forget to join them and
 988 FM DJs in a 
variety of eco-friendly activities.

The first 100 participants will be 
entitled to a FREE & EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt 
and cut-off discount coupon 
by joining our Earth Hour event.

Event Schedule
  • 3pm - 6.30pm Giant Puzzle Game and interactive activities 
  • 7pm - 9.30pm Live event of 988 FM DJs with some interactive activities 
  • 8.30pm - 9.30pm Turning down the non-essential lights