Paper Mate: A Set of InkJoy Pens Up for Grabs

Paper Mate InkJoy : See How It Feels™
Stand a chance to have a set of 
InkJoy pens delivered to 
your doorstep, then win cash prizes 
and movie tickets.

How to participate? 
1. Submit your details via the form.
2. 200 lucky fans will be selected to receive the Inkjoy pens.
3. These selected fans stand a chance to further win prizes by conjuring a review of InkJoy, and posting the link to it on their wall.
4. At the end of the grace period, all reviews will be judged and prizes will be awarded :
- 1st Prize : RM200.00
- 2nd Prize : RM100.00
- 3rd Prize : RM50.00
- 197 others will receive a pair of movie tickets for their reviews.

*Terms and Conditions Apply